Why do you start a renovate to sell project with lighting?

Where do you begin a renovate to sell project? What do you plan for first?
A renovate to sell project starts with a lighting plan. In this blog article we cover three points:
1. function;
2. light temperature; and
3. feel.


The function of a room refers to how you use the space. When you assess a room look at the various uses of that space and the amount of light needed to perform tasks in that space. Are there spaces in your house that can be used for multiple purposes? Take the time to go through each room to explore the use of spaces before you make a decision about the lighting. For example, a pendant light may reduce the use of space in an open plan area.

Top tip! Save time and money by completing your lighting before any other item on your renovate to sell list. Remember, the right choice in lighting may alter the appearance of the interior finishes. You may be able to retain something and save money in the process.

Light temperature

Light temperature is the cool or the warm colour that is emitted from a light globe. When you choose a rooms light temperature let the use of space guide your decision. Bathrooms, kitchens and laundries benefit from the bright cool temperature lighting. Warm light temperature is soft ambient light and commonplace in bedrooms and living rooms.

Top Tip! Save time and money choosing LED Downlights with 3 colour temperatures. The colour temperature is easily adjusted to match the function of a room.


A prospective buyer looking at a property for the first time relies on research and gut feel. Their gut feel occurs unconsciously and helps them make a decision to buy or not. Lighting helps you to create moods and stimulate the senses, which influences the feel of a property in a positive way. The lighting choices you make help to make a good first impression.

Top tip! Take care of function first before you start work on the feel of your rooms.